Is your competition talking about your company in their boardrooms? Does your strategy guide how you allocate resources? At AK Consulting, we see strategy as so something much more important than a simple plan. AK Consulting was found in 2008,  and strategy has been an intricate part of our business. We work hard and closely with companies in every industry to create strategies that deliver the results you want.

AK Consulting’s strategy professionals provide clients with their most complex strategic factors and build custom solutions to help them achieve stability and consistent growth. At AK Consulting, we emphasize movement from day one.

Our Professionals will provide you with:
  • Fundamentals of growth: Only one in 10 companies succeeds in achieving sustained growth. We help companies grow by defining and focusing on their core.
  • Business unit strategy: Effective  strategy requires making proprietary decisions on where to play and how to win. The goal is to drive a business to full economic potential.
  • Corporate strategy: Corporate strategy involves a proprietary set of actions that enables a company to be worth more than just the sum of its parts. The most critical role of the center is to help its business units achieve leadership positions.
  • Emerging markets: Home to most of the world’s population and growing at double-digit rates, emerging markets in Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe represent a must-win area for multinational companies. Bain helps companies navigate this unfamiliar terrain, competing against other multinationals and indigenous companies.
  • Sustainability: AK Consulting helps companies develop renewable energy policies, realize the full potential of recycling processes, and identify the impact of trends and regulations, among other agendas.
  • Workshops: The strategy practice has a series of off-the-shelf workshops to help clients brainstorm opportunities, prioritize strategic options, and identify and discuss strategic needs and potential pitfalls.